This wiki is intended as a central library of documentation regarding the Fediverse and its services. While most of us will use this as a valuable reading resource, you are welcome to contribute to the content.

If you are just starting out, it may be useful to understand what the Fediverse actually is, some of the Terminology, and basic concepts.

Your key take-away in understanding the fediverse is that all services communicate with each other. Therefore, if you are posting a status update on a micro-blogging website, someone on a photo-sharing service can follow and interact with you seamlessly.

If you spot an error in the content, or even a typo, please get in touch.

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info If you are an Admin on the Fediverse there are additional admin tips and tricks available.

Below are the more common applications and services used to participate in the fediverse.

Image Sharing

Video/Audio Streaming



Miscellaneous Articles

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  • Consider making a donation to your Fediverse Server Admin or Software developers
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