AltText Descriptions

'AltText', or Alternative Text, is a process of describing something non-textual. It assist visually impaired people who are typically making use of screen reading software.

The fediverse aims to be as inclusive as possible and strongly encourages everyone to make use of Alternative Text wherever possible.

Typically you will do this when uploading an image to a post – there will be an option to add a description.

  • Keep the text as brief as possible, but balance that against an accurate description of what you are seeing.
  • Remember to describe background if it adds to the experience.
  • Words within the image should be included in the description.
  • Use punctuation as you would normally, and try to remember to end with a . This will force the reading-software to pause briefly.
  • Say what type of file it is. An illustration; a photograph; a poster; an Excel document; screenshot
  • Don't include copyright information, such as who took the photograph. Include that in the main post.


The AltText could be:

Photograph of a dark blue steam locomotive leaving the station, pulling a red and cream coloured carriage. To the left, a red-brick old signal box, with steps leading up to a red entry door. The word 'Lakeside' on a sign on the slate roof.


The AltText could be:

Photo of a round, pink, multi petal flower opened fully with a red core surrounded by tiny yellow flowers. A blurred green background. A bumble bee in the centre.

Original images:

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