Iceshrimp is a fork (copy) of Firefish 1.0.3, taken in mid March 2023, which is based on Misskey.

Although Iceshrimp is similar to Firefish, it runs in a faster development cycle and focuses on clearing bugs which it has inherited from Firefish and Misskey. The team's project goals are: No-nonsense bug fixes; QoL improvements; Better performance; Change of focus to actual community needs Prioritization of user choice and configurability.

Of significant note to date has been the complete rewrite of the code required to be compatible with Mastodon APIs. This means that the many Mastodon Apps and web front-ends can be used by Iceshrimp users. This is lacking in Firefish, and in some cases Misskey.

Iceshrimp interacts with all popular server types on the Fediverse.

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Name: Iceshrimp

Website: There is no official list of servers to join. maintains a list of live servers, and if they are accepting sign ups.

Email Contact: Join the Matrix room for support/issues

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