Sharkey is a 'soft fork' (copy) of Misskey. It follows the changes from Misskey, but adds its own features alongside.

The key aim of the Sharkey dev team is to maintain software with runs well, is easy to maintain, and works closely with its user base and admin team adding features to enhance the experience.

The standout features currently include:

  • The ability to import posts from Masotdon, Pleroma, Akkoma, Misskey, Firefish and their various forks. Plus Instagram, X, and Facebook.
  • Support for GDPR Data Subject Access Requests (users can export all data releated to their account)
  • Enhanced Admin features to moderate users
  • Many User Interface features
  • Mastodon-compatible API, including OAuth2

A full list:

Sharkey interacts with all popular server types on the Fediverse.

User Guides

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Name: Sharkey


Email Contact: Join the Discord room for support/issues

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