During your journey through the Fediverse you may come across words or phrases which are not familiar to you. Here's a non-exhaustive list to help you on the journey.

Word/Phrase Definition
– A –
ActivityPub The most commonly adopted protocol (language) used by servers in the fediverse to communicate with each other.
Algorithm In the context of social media, a set of rules a computer program applies to decide what content to show you
AltText Short for Alternative Text, this is a description of an image on a post to assist screen readers describe images to visually impaired users
– B –
Boost Share a post with people who follow you
– D –
Defederate Prevent a user or an entire server from communicating with another server
– F –
Fediverse The collection of servers, all linked via the internet
– I –
Instance An alternative named for a Server – a physical device on the internet, running software for the Fediverse
– L –
Like Indicate to the author of the content that you appreciated it
– M –
Moderation The process of ensuring a user complies with the rules and guidelines of a server
– N –
Notes A post – usually consisting of text and images. The term Notes is originally from Misskey and is used by software derived from it, including Firefish
– S –
Share Share the post with everyone who follows you
– T –
Toot A post – typically made up of text and images. The term Toot was coined by Mastodon, but has since been replaced with the generic Post term
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